Fil Sep Equipments

ISO -9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Certified . ASME “ U” & “NB” approved.


We have established QMS in line with ISO 9001:2015.

There are several quality checks performed for achieving above target. In nutshell, following important checks are performed either inhouse or at external agencies.

Procurement and Issuance stage

  1. All pressure retaining parts are designed by FILSEP in line with applicable international standards like ASME, API, GHOST etc.
  2. Major raw material (RM) and bought out components either verified by FILSEP QC engineer or designated TPI at source or at our works in line with approved QAP/ITP and applicable codes and standards.
  3. Manufacturer TC for RM and bought out components are reviewed prior to giving dispatch clearance and receiving at FILSEP.
  4. Physical and technical verification carried out at FILSEP and GRN (Goods Receipt Note) is cleared in ERP ensuring only accepted material appears in ERP.
  5. Storage of  RM and bought out components at designated location.

Production stage

  1. RM and bought out components accepted by FILSEP QC and TPI are processed for further activities.
  2. FILSEP has several certified WPS covering majority of materials like SS, CS, AS, DS and combination of either of these RM.
  3. Welding is carried out by only certified welders as per certified WPS.
  4. Necessary applicable NDT like radiography, LPE, PMI, UT etc. are performed and witnessed by Filsep QC and TPI at every applicable stage.
  5. Final assembly, FAT or Hydro test are performed and design validation is ensured at FILSEP.
  6. Blast cleaning and painting or acid pickling and passivation is carried out by FILSEP/client approved agencies.

Packing and Dispatch

  1. Applicable packing procedure for Pressure Vessels, Filtration systems or LOS are followed prior to dispatch.

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