Fil Sep Equipments

ISO -9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Certified . ASME “ U” & “NB” approved.


We offer  wide range of Filtration and Separation Solutions for various challenges faced by customers in particle removal or aerosol separation. We manufacture broad range of housings( Coded and Non-coded) and Filter elements  with different media and configurations to meet different applications needs.

Our associated testing and validations laboratories help us to optimize the filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacities for various media for cartridge elements. We are an ASME certified manufacturers. We also offer PED, CE & GOST certified vessels as per customer requirement.

Utilising our extensive knowledge and expertise in Filtration and Separation technology for last 25 years , we offer most optimised solutions to our customers so as to meet process requirements. Our solutions will ensure a cost effective and efficient filtration and separation of solids as well as liquid contaminants from process fluids.

In case you need a specific solution for a process application, which is not available in this website, please feel free to GET IN TOUCH with us. Our process engineers would be happy to support you.

Solid- Liquid separation

Solid- Gas Separation


Liquid-Liquid separation

Liquid- Gas Separation