Fil Sep Equipments

ISO -9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Certified . ASME “ U” & “NB” approved.

Solid Liquid Separation

We  offer   broad range of  elements with filter media: Polypropylene, Pre-rinsed polypropylene, Cotton, Fiber-glass, Polyester,  Paper ,Nylon, and Rayon used combined with a suited core guarantee high thermal and chemical compatibility with nearly any application where fine filtration is concerned.

Our depth type filter elements, are made from a special blend of natural and synthetic fibers selected for Chemical Compatibility, Filtration Efficiency( β-ratio), and Dirt holding Capacity and are among the most widely used elements for the filtration of process liquids, well completion fluids, process water, and lubricating oils. The filter media is produced by the exclusive process, which gives a uniform gradient density that provides long life and high particulate retention capacity. These elements are available in nominal micron ratings ranging from 0.3µ to 100µ and a wide range of media, air permeability & GSM ratings.

FILSEP’s pleated synthetic filter elements are absolute rated and available in 100% polyester or polypropylene construction with a wide selection of gasket and O-ring materials. The pleated construction provides a large surface area for increased contaminate loading. End caps, media, cores and netting are all thermally bonded to provide a high degree of compatibility with a wide range of process fluids. Various micron ratings and lengths are available.A board range of efficiencies with Beta ratios of 50 to 5000 provides the flexibility to address any application or upset condition. Key application for FILSEP’s synthetic pleated media elements are: Gas processing liquids, Injection water, Solvents, Acids, Wet/Dry gas, Lubricating  oils, Desalinations, boiler feed water and in food/beverage, coatings applications

FILSEP wound filter elements are designed to meet a wide range of filtration duties. They offer an economic, easily installed and maintained filtration system for the removal of particulate from liquid. Filter media is wound onto a support core to form precise and accurately tapered spiral passageways to form the depth filter matrix. Our wound filter elements range from 1 to 500 micron, allows for consistent and exact depth filtration. Elements are available in very flexible range of diameters and lengths to fit most applications. Applications for our wound filter elements are: process and waste water treatment, drinking water treatment, beverages, vegetables oil, organic solvents, diluted acids, organic acids, alkalis, and other corrosive or high temperature services up to 400 °C

SS Filtration Assembly
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Multi Basket filters
duplex filtration systems
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Hi loft media with wire mesh elements
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